Sat. Night
Saturday, October 02, 2004

Saturday Night

Perfect ending to a perfect day!
I didn't have a perfect day.
My team lost.
My boxes are still on the floor, too heavy for me to lift.
The cats are still on MY bed - no room for me
It rained and stayed in the 50's.
I had Cheese-Nips for dinner.
and no word from the Car God

Okay so taking a step back.....
I have ordered a pizza.
Extra Cheese, mushrooms, and black olives.
Should be here soon.
I talked with my mum three times today, and all were very good solid talks.
(sometimes she gets fuzzy with memory)
I managed to get in almost 4 hours of work on two different afghans, which brings them closer to completion,which brings me closer to getting paid.
I did get about 5 more boxes of my books organized.
I found all my previous writings from college, the pages aren't even yellowed yet!
My best friend Kevin, from Illinois called and we talked for about an hour.
(gotta recharge this phone)
Before the rains started I did get the front porch cleaned and almost winterized.

So all in all , it was not a bad day.
It was not a perfect day either.
But it could have been worse.
Could have been better.

I think maybe tomorrow I will opt for better.
Cat 15

Jovianne ~ 10:34 PM


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