Car God
Monday, September 27, 2004

The Car God was just here, and will be towing the cruddy piece of junk er, ummmm, I mean 'Car' out of my garage either Friday evening or Saturday AM . . . . relief may be in sight!!!



Okay there is a Car God.

2 yrs ago I was hospitalized for surgery, which is not the important thing, but I was there for 9 days.
My son was here at the house by himself, first time on his own.
He did fine except, the night he took the trash out, he forgot to lock the garage door and . . . .
The friggin very day I got home, I came home to an empty garage.
My Car, my lovely lovely very fast, easy to drive, well-maintained, I LOVE this car CAR.... had been stolen.
Well, due to its unpopularity and age, I stupidly did NOT have thieft insurance so I got NOTHING for it.

Okay so saved for 3 months, and managed to buy a used car that seemed to suit my immediate needs, but did nothing for my love of long drives or a heavy foot.
but it was a car.

It died in March of this year.
I dont know why it died, and I simply have not had the extra $$$ to look into getting it fixed.
So I walk, bus or beg rides to get to my clients and do what I have to do, saving as much as I can so I can get it up and running again.

Okay, here is where the Car God fits into it.
Today...... just a bit ago, My neighbor came up to talk.
Yes, this is the infamous Mailbox Murderer of July, but that is beside the point.
He says that since I was watching his kids for his wife when he had to work out of town so much last month, and she never paid me a thing, he wants to return the favour and he is taking the dreaded car to HIS SHOP and fixing it for nothing !!!

Then I can get it inspected and ........ and...........
Look out, I am on the road again !!!
And Autumn is here and the leaves are starting to turn and this is the absolute best time of the year to Drive in the country and the mountians for a day or three !!!

Yes... Jovi is doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance right now,
and typing at the same time... love being multi-talented!!!





Jovianne ~ 6:09 PM


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