Tuesday, August 03, 2004

What a lovely weekend.

Yes I realize it's Tuesday, but I spent yesterday rehashing the weekend and am still rather . . . ticked-off, confused, amazed, shocked...
(Where is Roget when you need him?)

2 Months of nasty emails from EX, between son and his dad.
Last 2 emails have been paticurally mean.
See Update
Then on Friday . . .Latest From Texas
Okay so Saturday, the emails from the rest of that side of the family started flying.
Now bear in mind that when son graduated from High School in June, only one member of that side of the family acknowledged it with a nice card.
One out of 7 aunts and uncles, and the grandmother.
Only ONE.
The weekend emails?
4 of the 7 have written son to basically tell him he is wasting his life by not moving in with his dad, in Texas and going to college there.

Key word of the week here is WASTE.
They have all used that same word in all the emails.

There have been 9 emails all together, all telling son what a louse of a mother he has (me) and how the only way his life will mean anything is by doing what his father wants.
That I am holding him back from becoming 'someone'
That he should reconsider his major.
HE is WASTING his life with his plan for his future.
And over the past 15 years, since the divorce, that side of the family has seldom seen son, nor communicated with him, even when I have offered to bring him down to visit or what-not.
Its like Son has not existed for them since we left Texas.
How dare they treat him like this NOW????

I have raised this kid on my own since he was 3.
He doesn't smoke, do drugs and had a beer once, didnt like it.
He has tons of friends, is on a hockey team (plays goalie), and his phone never quits ringing with the girls.
He has good sense about things, good sense of humour, and is overall, a well-rounded kid of 18.
Even has manners.
He graduated with Honors in June.
Personally I think I did a dammed good job, and am so very proud of this kid, its amazing.
This is a GREAT KID!

His reaction to all of this?
He is becoming very angry with the rest of that side of the family, along with his dad.

Why do people do this?
Why can't they see, that he is a smart kid, and just support him emotionally on his decisions?
Could at least one of them tell him that they are proud of him?
First his dad hurts him, and now the rest are.

I just don't get it.
And have had a migraine since Saturday morning.
Chit* even the coffee hasn't helped.
And if I hear the word WASTE one more time I will scream.


Jovianne ~ 11:35 AM


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