Steelers. Snow & Oops
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For anyone who may not have heard... Once again my Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl Bound! Yay! - Happy Happy Joy Joy! - Oyi! - and how I miss Myron Cope. Now all I need is some way of actually being able to watch the game--- lost cable a while back... so sad.
I need to find a Super Bowl Party!

Once again we are being smothered in a foggy cloud of ice & snow. My granddaughters having just recently moved here to West Virginia, are having fun with the "newness" of it all! If I were their age I would be too, but right now my cold feet are wishing for another pair or two of socks. The only true good thing that I can find to say about today's dumping of this stuff is that I do not have to be out driving in it.
The 'why not?' is the Oops part of this post.

Sooo... love my customer rep. job and have been just moving up the ranks in hopes of eventually having a manager-type position. Doing really well with it . . . until the Oops.
Somehow I fractured my right elbow and the break is pinching a nerve (causing twice as much pain as just a tiny fracture would) and I am now on a medical leave of absence.
Just to make it a slightly bigger Oops, I am right-handed and one could be really be suprised at how often our elbows aid us in just simply holding a cup of coffee (which can cause a stabbing pain up the arm a few shades darker than a normal "Ouch! - explitive deleted") or a pen. I try to remember to not use the right hand for anything but old lifelong habits can be hard to break. Sigh... what a lovely Oops.

Think I need a cup of Left-handed coffe.


Jovianne ~ 5:53 PM


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