Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Hell... My blog is actually still here in cyberspace. I don't believe it.

So, where have I been - what has been going on - and how is everyone else???
Still living in my lovely mountains of West Virginia & waiting on a snowstorm that should dump about 6-8 inches of snow today... again. Working for a national bank doing the customer service 800 line 8 hours a day, learning how many different ways there are to tell people that Yes, when your account is overdrawn you will be charged an overdraft fee to try and educate you that it is not a sign of intelligence to spend what you don't have for a stupid pack of cigarettes! Working with the Online Banking customers is fun however.
I still have the Terrible Trio of cats - sorry Freddie! - and currently am trying to find a home for two little fluffballs that someone dumped on my porch a couple of weeks ago. NO, I am not keeping them, but I will not turn them out in the dead of winter to freeze or starve to death.
Younger son Nick is still alive and well. College has been a bit of a challenge for him but he likes it - lots of lovely co-eds to study with. My older son Bryce has blessed me with another gorgeous granddaughter and he and family have finally moved to WV, about 3 hours from here so I get to visit them alot! Maybe one of these days I can get a current photo of them on here.

So I guess life is doing okay and moving on as it should.

Time for coffe!
Jovi :)

Jovianne ~ 11:00 AM


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