Long Overdue Post
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well, we moved back to West Virginia last August!
Things have been going well, and it is nice being on the Home Turf.
It is strange being here and not being able to just pop into my old home and see what Mom is cooking for dinner, or making dinner for her and dad, but it is home and this is where I need to be. The old house is still there, and I drive by every now and then... just because.

My son, after some serious thinking and career searching decided to join the Army.
He left today for Boot Camp in Missouri.
And yeah, I cried a bit... but! I am very proud of him and support him in this decision. He is going into the Reserves so he can be back here late this summer to attend WVU in Forensics Science.

I have a really nice place here, it is on the outskirts of town near the lake and often come home to find deer in the yard and driveway. Winter was not as bad as the Pittsburgh Winters but I am glad Spring is here.

Basically.... I guess things are looking up.


Jovianne ~ 2:45 PM


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