Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's been a while since I blogged.
A While???
How about ages?

Let's see......
Lost my heat in November...
had to trim the budget to save enough money to get the heat turned back on so...... disconnected my Internet service.
Heat WAS turned back on mid-december.
2006 started off nice. . .
Things were going good... I had heat. I had internet. I had a life.
Then Jan 27th I was paid a visit from the local police.
They had come to inform me that my dear mom had passed away.

Yeah... jan 27.
My day of Hell.

My mom, My best friend... had gone to sleep.
And even tho I miss the Hell outta her, I know , in my heart, that she is now with Daddy and happy.
So I try not to cry.

but. . . I do.

So... I am moving.
Moving back home to West Virginia!
Yeah, am trying to find something positive here. . . .

I should just take this blog and shove it.... but.
I can't.

I can't put into words how devestating mom's passing has been.
I can't face it, actually.

So... I am moving.
Back to a place where I once belonged.
I may blog, I may not.


PS oh yeah. . . somewhere in there the Steelers won the Super Bowl! ... again.

Jovianne ~ 6:06 PM


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