Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Found this entry in the EvilDevilCats journal this morning.
It was partially hidden under the sofa, with a Christmas Bow.

played in the big room with lots of boxes
we had the mostest fun in the box with the ribbon things and long tubey things of pretty litter box paper
we played mouse with the ribbon thingys and hid them around the house for mommy to find when she gets up
she yells when she finds them
the litter box paper rolls out on the floor and we had fun sliding on it and then shredding it
the paper was fun to tear with our claws

Yes, once again, in spite of my efforts to HIDE the box of Christmas Wrapping Supplies, has been discoverd, knocked to the floor, opened and trashed.
Now I know how the EvilDevilCats spent Labor Day.
My storage garage looks like it is ready for the holidays.

I need coffee
Kitty 2

Jovianne ~ 9:19 AM


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