Tues AM
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's a perfect morning for coffee.
We had a wave of severe thunderstorms roll thru here Saturday evening and the temps have been much better since then. Right now it is 56 out and the coffee is brewing. Coffee tastes so much better when it is cooler out. I actually had to stop drinking it for a few of those 90+ days we had these past few weeks! *Gasp!*

Saw a commercial for I-don't-know-what on TV last night and the Stones were in concert in the background. It made me remember the first time I saw them. That would have been back in '76 *ouch!* in Cleveland Ohio. And here they are, still touring. And yes, I still have all their albums. In storage.
Male Entertainer 14

Mmmm coffee is done!

Jovianne ~ 5:07 AM


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