Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Waiting for the storms to roll in.
There is a line of severe storms headed right for Pittsburgh and should be here within the hour.
Most of the time, the storms are simply wonderful, full of lightning and thumder and cool winds.
I don't mind them , unless we lose power.
Son is working at the local amusement park, Kennywood, and he was working there 2 summers ago when tragedy struck in the form of a micro-burst(tiny tornado?)
and after havoc and chaos, one was left dead and several were injured.
My son was fine.
He walked home *sigh*
(We won't mention the 2 hours I spent looking for him among the 100's that were being evacuated from the park)
Soooooooo now when he is working, and bad weather is headed our way , I tend to over-worry.
But I am a mom.... what can I say?
Ever since that day however, the park does shut down if they feel the weather calls for it.
So basically sitting here, waiting for the storm, with a Clive Cussler book
(decided I didn't want to tackle Tom Clancy right now---too heavy after all the Robert Ludlem books I just read), thermos of coffee(decaff) and have a Chef Salad ready to go in the fridge.

Should be an interesting evening.

Jovianne ~ 5:23 PM


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