Friday Evening
Friday, June 10, 2005

I have survived the first real week of Hot&Humid Pittsburgh Weather.
And hardly used the AC at all.
Can't wait for Autumn to get here.
Wonder if there is a way to just bypass summer. . .

Have been doing alot of reading lately, wading thru my older books trying to see if I can weed some of them out, and find myself wanting to read them all over again.
My friend Jim of Velvet Blog Fame did a Book Meme,
and so did his dog Freddie.
Freddie had some really doginterestingly reading that he has done listed.
So anyways I have just re-read all of Robert Ludlems books that I have and decided that I really don't wish to get rid of any of them.
Am going to start with Tom Clancy next. . . I think.
It's just too dang hot and sticky to do much of anything else right now.


Jovianne ~ 7:53 PM


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