This Post Has No Title. . .
Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sounds like a song....
Oh wait.. "This Song Has No Title,
Just words and a tune. . ."
yeah, Elton.
Just read that he is 58 yrs old!
And getting Married. . .
Seems like it was just yesterday I was playing GoodBye Yellow Brick Road over and over again.
Think I wore that album out... I know I have 3 copies of it.
Roy Rogers was another favourite song on that album.
Still have it too, and the turntable to play it on.
>>>Ack!!!<<< Showing my age.......

Just re-read the Earth's Children Series again... all 5 books.
(Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, etc)
Jean Auel is supposed to come out with the 6th and final volume soon!
Can't be soon enough
Had to wait about 12 years between #4 and #5 being published.
Good Story. Great Read...
Not sure what I am going to read next....
It's getting too warm to work on my afghans.

Semi-decent storm here last night.
The light show was good, but the thunder was a bit dissappointing.
Sat on the porch and watched anyways. . .
First one of the season.
Was better than any movie I could find on last night.

Coffee is done!

Jovianne ~ 7:17 AM


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