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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yes, I am blogging!

So it has been a really long, cold, harsh winter and I have not been at my best.
For that, I do apologize.
I do suffer from SAD ---Seasonal Anxiety Depression-- and Pittsburgh winters are really rough on me.
I should move???
Yeah, well... been there, done that and missed my mountains too much so came back so I only have myself to blame.

quick update on the family.
Son #1, in Seattle, is doing okay and my grandaughter is growing like crazy and he is really bad at sending pics so I sit and wait.

Son #2 is almost done with his first college semester and is getting straight grades in the high 90's and I am so totally proud of him.
He did take a very rough schedule for a freshman year but has kicked butt and is doing what he does best and that is to be himself.

Mom, in AZ, is doing okay.
She did get home in time to spend Christmas with her friends out there and is now in a program that offers assistance to stubborn little old lady's and is doing great.
She was eligble for a "wheelchair" and is now tearing down the halls of her complex.
:) She really is doing great !

Me? I'm still alive.
End of discussion.

Now... onto a few topics that I feel are worth blogging about.

Okay.... yeah, I am a die-hard Kiefer fan as you all know and I do love this show.
The season (4) has been really good but last night it got GREAT and I am still playing it over in my head.
If you do not watch this show, shame on you, and if you do?
Please feel free to comment on last night's episode.
Basically ?
Chloe Rocks!
nuff said.

Okay another thing.
Tax Time.
Son #2 had to file for the first time and I.... being the sane and sound parent, sent him to H&R Block.
In a Word?
The filing went fine, but trying to get the information filed FROM THEM so he may apply for his Fall 2005 Grant for College is like trying to get Clinton to admit he is uhhhhhhhhhhh okay not going there.
It's like trying to get ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn..... still on the Clinton thing here.
Basically, it cant be done with a mere phone call.
Keep fingers crossed that this works out, because Son needs this info in order to attend college this fall.
(His father is still not supportive of his efforts and is not answering any phone calls or emails from son, nor is that side of the family------let's not go there right now)

NYPD Blue.
I admit I miss that show.
It's done.
It's over.
But DAMN!!! it was an awesome show over it's lifespan.
ABC has tried to replace it with something called Blind Justice, but in my humble opinion it won't make it.
Interesting concept but the "actor" they choose for the lead... not sure of his name but he play a Wuss Paramedic on ER -Shep--- is, in my opinion ... not strong enough to carry out a lead role in a series that is intended to REPLACE a Die-Hard, Can't Lose, Show such as NYPD Blue.
I do not think ABC will be able to replace the Love of NYPD Blue anytime in the near future.
But Thank GOD they are not trying the reality route.
Reality shows suck.
If I wanted reality, I would NOT be watching it on TV
Unfortunetly, I live reality and I do not need to be reminded or see a stupid inane show about reality.
Nuff said.

Okay... done for now.
........... and hope to be back soon.
Special HUGZ to all my bloggin'buddies that have understood my absence and have still been there for me and coffe will be available sometime soon in the MM&WN Coffee Lounge.
Hot Chocolate


PS Please take away any matches from Phil and Jeff.
Read Here:It's Christmas Time In The City

Jovianne ~ 4:43 PM


Ahhhhhhh Spring!
Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring Has Sprung?

Baseball 4


Jovianne ~ 8:45 PM


Not Enough Sleep
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You know you have not had enough sleep when...

Alarm goes off.
You stumble out to the kitchen, in the dark (OUCH! Damm wall).
Set up the coffeemaker for a full pot.
Go take a shower.
Head back to the kitchen, lights on this time, anticipating that first cup.
You notice coffee seeping all over the counters and floor.
You THEN notice the coffee pot still sitting in the sink where you had filled it with hot water to take the chill out of it.
I think its time I take a step back and re-evaluate my current situation.


Jovianne ~ 9:16 AM


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