Just Another Sunday. . .
Sunday, February 20, 2005

So ya see, it's like this. . .

Freezing Temps.
A day of 63 last week.....
Then more freezing temps.
That does funny things to water pipes here in PA. . . .
Like leaking.

The water pipe leaked in the garage.
I didn't know it.... had no reason to be in the garage, it's too dammed cold out there and not much to do except laundry ....
Which is what I went to do this morning and Oops.
Uh huh.
Water Water everywhere , not a drop to drink
and it was friggin cold too !!!
Nothing like wading in water in ice cold temps...

So anywho, crisis is over but I lost about 1/3 of my books, my doll collection from childhood, most of the Christmas decorations, and my son lost some of his Hockey/Football cards... like 2 boxes.
Will be trying to dry items out for weeks.
I never knew you could actually wring water out of a hardcover book.

I found out that it was "A Plot by the Evil Devil Cats."
One of their cat toys had clogged the drain in the floor and the water had nowhere to go but up.... as in about 2 inches up.

God, I miss football.

PS. The Evil Devil Cats are up for Sale.
Please email me with any offers.

Jovianne ~ 5:53 PM


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