Just Another Sunday. . .
Sunday, February 20, 2005

So ya see, it's like this. . .

Freezing Temps.
A day of 63 last week.....
Then more freezing temps.
That does funny things to water pipes here in PA. . . .
Like leaking.

The water pipe leaked in the garage.
I didn't know it.... had no reason to be in the garage, it's too dammed cold out there and not much to do except laundry ....
Which is what I went to do this morning and Oops.
Uh huh.
Water Water everywhere , not a drop to drink
and it was friggin cold too !!!
Nothing like wading in water in ice cold temps...

So anywho, crisis is over but I lost about 1/3 of my books, my doll collection from childhood, most of the Christmas decorations, and my son lost some of his Hockey/Football cards... like 2 boxes.
Will be trying to dry items out for weeks.
I never knew you could actually wring water out of a hardcover book.

I found out that it was "A Plot by the Evil Devil Cats."
One of their cat toys had clogged the drain in the floor and the water had nowhere to go but up.... as in about 2 inches up.

God, I miss football.

PS. The Evil Devil Cats are up for Sale.
Please email me with any offers.

Jovianne ~ 5:53 PM


Super Bowl Sunday
Sunday, February 06, 2005

Okay so today is the Super Bowl
. . . and no Steelers.
But seeing as how it is the last game for this season I am watching.
Problem is I am not sure who I want to win.
Eagles? yeah. . . Kick Patriots ass.
but. . . mom says I should want the Patriots to win so they can prove their win over my Steelers was right.
Think I am going for the Eagles.
Then tomorrow morning start going thru Football withdrawl. . . and no hockey to fall back on this year. . .
Areana Football Anyone???

Son is starting to realize just how much studying he has to do in college.
I tried explaining that to him when he was deciding on his schedule, but he thought he could handle it.
He will handle it, but he is having to do more than he originally thought.

On another note. . .
SAG Awards were last night and even tho Kiefer didn't win for Best Actor in a Drama series, Jerry Orbach did. Law and Order hasn't been the same since he left.

And. . . for those who don't remember my mailbox being blown up last July with an M-80. . .
My poor mailbox.
It has been broken,& replaced.
Snowed under by the snow plows,and replaced.
hit and demolished by a drunk driver,and replaced.
blown up and replaced.
and last week . . .
Hit by another drunk driver and once again I am without a mailbox.
Can't dig a hole for a new one due to frozen ground conditions. . .
Wonder if that means I will stop getting bills !!!
Yeah, Right.
Anyhoo. . . the Post Office has "approved" a new spot for my mailbox so as soon as the ground is diggable (is that a word???) my landlord is putting up a new one.
We are going to put it up about 3 feet back from the road.
In the meantime PO is delivering my mail to my neighbors box.

Cassie has her Feburary Holidays Post up so if you want to know what is going on in Feb. . . go here: Febuary Holidays

I need more coffee. . .

Jovianne ~ 11:46 AM


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