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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What a lovely day it is today!
It is about 40 out, there is a Dampening, Drizzling, Annoying Rain in the Air.
The half-a-foot of snow we got over the weekend is an odd shade of muck brown and grey and the sky is overcast with grey clouds.
In other words, a Typical Pittsburgh Winter Day.
Yuck and double Yuck.

Okay so the Steelers lost the AFC Championship and if that weren't sad enough,
Johnny Carson passed away on Sunday also.
I always watched the Tonight Show when it was his show.
I could always count on a laugh or three.
Jay Leno did a tribute show to him on Monday night and it was really good.
I guess he does okay with the show, but in my heart, The Tonight Show will always belong to Johnny Carson.
Thank Goodness Letterman didn't get that job because he is a dork in my opinion.

Still Babysitting, and my hours did drop a bit after Christmas but will be increasing again as there is trouble with the "daddy" weekend hours and he won't be taking the kids as he has been.
So, I will be having weekends with them also when "mommy" works.

Son is doing great with his classes, taking 16 credit hours in Calculas, Physics, Chemistry and two others that I can't spell. (sigh)
Dang kid is smarter than I will ever be.
He really took on a heavy load for his freshman year, but I think he is handling it great and will pull it off.

Time for more coffee. . . . . .
I Love You Mug 2

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