Happy New Year?
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Made it to 2005!
Christmas was pretty good, quiet, but good and New Years was really quiet!
Which was okay by me.
USA ran a Law&Order SVU Marathon all day on Friday into the night so I kept that on and worked around the house undecorating and getting a new project started.
And of course Football on Saturday and yeah, I know my boys lost.
WVU made it to the Gator Bowl this year but lost to Florida State.
The Steelers are still kicking ass tho !!!
The babysitting job I took in November has ran me ragged, and now the the Holiday Season is over it looks like the mother's hours will be going back to normal so I won't have anymore 12-14 hours days!
That was getting to be a bit much.
And taking up most of my waking moments.... watching munchkins ages 2 & 5 not only brought back memories of my boys at that age, but fried a few of my remaining brain cells in the process.
But it has been good and they really are great kids.
My Son's hours got cut, as expected at the Mall, but he still has the job and he starts college on the 12th - - - going into Chemistry !

Hmmmmm the new layout!
I send my thanks to Phil at Mystic Sludge for this one.
He really did a great job and I love it!
Pop on over to his place and check things out, he is really talented.
(Okay so he is a Cowboys Fan. . but I don't hold that against him !!!)
Thank You Phil!!!

I know I haven't been here much the past few weeks and part of that is that the Holidays are really rough on me for several reasons, and I am grateful for my friends still being here.
I am hoping to get back on here on a regular basis again AND get caught up with my emails, AND checking out what everyone has been up to !

And now?
Time for Coffee !!!
I Love You Mug
(what else?)

Jovianne ~ 6:20 AM


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