Almost Game Time
Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we sit.
THE GAME is Sunday at 6:pm.
And THE SNOW STORM is supposed to start at approx. 4:am Saturday morning and continue thru-out the day, and night, to stop dumping snow on us by Sunday Morning.
Depending on which station you listen to we are to get
3 - 6 inches of snow,
4 - 8 inches of snow,
or. . . . .
5 - 10 inches of snow.
So I have no clue as to what exactly we will get.
Pittsburgh is ready tho, with salt trucks and plows so that THE GAME will HAPPEN !
No,I am not going.
I am going to sit in the comfort of my living room and watch on TV and be warm.
I did get to the store early this morning to get any last minute foods and/or supplies to make it thru the weekend in case we really DO GET SNOW.
So I am ready !


Jovianne ~ 9:34 PM


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