Wed AM
Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What a lovely day it is today!
It is about 40 out, there is a Dampening, Drizzling, Annoying Rain in the Air.
The half-a-foot of snow we got over the weekend is an odd shade of muck brown and grey and the sky is overcast with grey clouds.
In other words, a Typical Pittsburgh Winter Day.
Yuck and double Yuck.

Okay so the Steelers lost the AFC Championship and if that weren't sad enough,
Johnny Carson passed away on Sunday also.
I always watched the Tonight Show when it was his show.
I could always count on a laugh or three.
Jay Leno did a tribute show to him on Monday night and it was really good.
I guess he does okay with the show, but in my heart, The Tonight Show will always belong to Johnny Carson.
Thank Goodness Letterman didn't get that job because he is a dork in my opinion.

Still Babysitting, and my hours did drop a bit after Christmas but will be increasing again as there is trouble with the "daddy" weekend hours and he won't be taking the kids as he has been.
So, I will be having weekends with them also when "mommy" works.

Son is doing great with his classes, taking 16 credit hours in Calculas, Physics, Chemistry and two others that I can't spell. (sigh)
Dang kid is smarter than I will ever be.
He really took on a heavy load for his freshman year, but I think he is handling it great and will pull it off.

Time for more coffee. . . . . .
I Love You Mug 2

Jovianne ~ 9:30 AM


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well, we lost.
Patriots won 41 - 27.
But we had a fantastic season, and next year will be even better !!!
I was hoping Gramm was correct in his prediction that the Super Bowl would be all Pennsylvania this year, but guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Great Season for the STEELERS and Better Luck next year !!!

Now, off to slumberland. . . .

Jovianne ~ 10:48 PM


Sunday AM

About all that is left of the storm is the bitter cold.
The Temp right now is at 3 above, with a wind chill of -15.

Tammi? I wanna watch the game at your place !!!

We did get hit with some snow, where I am got about 6 1/2 inches according to my driveway. Not sure what the actuals are in other areas.

So I guess it is time to start the chili for THE GAME tonight and keep warm.

Time for coffee. . . lots of coffee.
(and another pair of socks!)
Hot Chocolate

Jovianne ~ 8:40 AM


Almost Game Time
Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we sit.
THE GAME is Sunday at 6:pm.
And THE SNOW STORM is supposed to start at approx. 4:am Saturday morning and continue thru-out the day, and night, to stop dumping snow on us by Sunday Morning.
Depending on which station you listen to we are to get
3 - 6 inches of snow,
4 - 8 inches of snow,
or. . . . .
5 - 10 inches of snow.
So I have no clue as to what exactly we will get.
Pittsburgh is ready tho, with salt trucks and plows so that THE GAME will HAPPEN !
No,I am not going.
I am going to sit in the comfort of my living room and watch on TV and be warm.
I did get to the store early this morning to get any last minute foods and/or supplies to make it thru the weekend in case we really DO GET SNOW.
So I am ready !


Jovianne ~ 9:34 PM


Sunday AM
Sunday, January 16, 2005

I only have one thing to say this morning....


(19 degrees out and snowing)

Jovianne ~ 8:41 AM


Yes !!!
Saturday, January 15, 2005

Steelers Did It!!!
In Overtime. .. . . . . 20 - 17.
Jets lost. . .
Oh that second half!!
My heart almost stopped twice!
Best game I have seen all season!
I can hear the fireworks from the stadium right now !!!
Football 2


Jovianne ~ 8:03 PM


Tempura Batter
Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is a Tempura Batter recipe that I have used for eons. It is very good for veggies or shrimp.

1 egg, seperated
1/2 cup flour
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 cup cold water

In a small bowl, beat egg white until stiff peaks form
In another bowl, beat egg yolk and water until foamy (lemony coloured)
Continue beating egg yolk mixture while greadually adding the flour,cornstarch, salt & pepper.
Beat until smooth.
Gently fold in stiff egg whites.

Dip veggies, shrimp, or whatever and fry in hot oil till golden brown.
I have used this at fondue parties with having platters of cut-up veggies, beef cubes and shrimp.


Jovianne ~ 5:19 PM


Happy New Year?
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Made it to 2005!
Christmas was pretty good, quiet, but good and New Years was really quiet!
Which was okay by me.
USA ran a Law&Order SVU Marathon all day on Friday into the night so I kept that on and worked around the house undecorating and getting a new project started.
And of course Football on Saturday and yeah, I know my boys lost.
WVU made it to the Gator Bowl this year but lost to Florida State.
The Steelers are still kicking ass tho !!!
The babysitting job I took in November has ran me ragged, and now the the Holiday Season is over it looks like the mother's hours will be going back to normal so I won't have anymore 12-14 hours days!
That was getting to be a bit much.
And taking up most of my waking moments.... watching munchkins ages 2 & 5 not only brought back memories of my boys at that age, but fried a few of my remaining brain cells in the process.
But it has been good and they really are great kids.
My Son's hours got cut, as expected at the Mall, but he still has the job and he starts college on the 12th - - - going into Chemistry !

Hmmmmm the new layout!
I send my thanks to Phil at Mystic Sludge for this one.
He really did a great job and I love it!
Pop on over to his place and check things out, he is really talented.
(Okay so he is a Cowboys Fan. . but I don't hold that against him !!!)
Thank You Phil!!!

I know I haven't been here much the past few weeks and part of that is that the Holidays are really rough on me for several reasons, and I am grateful for my friends still being here.
I am hoping to get back on here on a regular basis again AND get caught up with my emails, AND checking out what everyone has been up to !

And now?
Time for Coffee !!!
I Love You Mug
(what else?)

Jovianne ~ 6:20 AM


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