Thursday, December 16, 2004

It feels like 6 months since I have posted!
Things here in PA have gotten busy and it seems if my time is no longer my own.
With the Christmas Season upon us, my neighbor is working more hours, so of course, I have the kids more.
(yay! X-tra $$$ for Christmas!)
As she does not have a computer, (GASP) I have no time to be online when I am down at her place.
By the time I get home, Son is on here.......
Kinda a catch-22?

We finally got Snow!
And it is cold all the time here now, just ask Ren!
Anyways, am on my way out the door, and wanted to get this out.
And... hope everyone is doing great!


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Jovianne ~ 5:37 PM


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