The Day After
Sunday, December 26, 2004

The day after?
I think that was the name of a movie a while back about nuclear holocaust....
Not quite the same thing here.
Well, Christmas has come and gone.
Son and I had a nice one, quiet, but nice.
I think both of us have been so drained with the hours we have been working, that yesterday just simply did nothing but regain our brain cells.
He started at the mall about a month ago, and the past two weeks has been working 6 days a week , doing 10 hour days.
Me? Not sure if I am sane or not.
The 'Babysitting Job' I undertook a while back has turned into a full-time nightmare.
The mom works at a Bar/Restaurant and was pulling double shifts for the holidays which in turn gave me 12-14 hour stints with the munchkins.
As in 1-2pm until 3am when she got home.
So the past three weeks have been a blur for me.

We did manage to get a beautiful tree this year, which my Evil Devil Cats mis-took for a Huge Playtoy! Oh how they have had fun re-decorating it, playing stalking games underneath and hiding ornaments all thru the house!
I have a new suprise every morning when I get up as to which ornament I will step on first. It's been a fun game ( uh huh)

I do hope that everyone had a Wonderful Holiday and I hope to be back to regular Blogging soon! I have missed my daily 'readings' of everyone and have really gotten behind on the emails.

Holiday Hugs for Everyone!!!

Jovianne ~ 8:57 PM


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