Veteran's Day
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veteran's Day
A huge Thank You to all who serve.
Happy Veterans Day

Mom is Much Better!
I did get to speak with her doctor for a few minutes, and he has concerns that her heart is weakening, but is running tests again today, and monitoring her meds, possibly changing some of them, and seemed to give the sense that she will be better now that the problem was found and being handled.

Spoke with her several times yesterday and each time, she sounds better and was actually praising the food (?!!!?) and laughing last night.
I know where she is, she is safe and they are talking Home Health Care 3-4 days a week when she leaves the hospital, which makes me feel better.
It is very difficult for me being so far away (2400 miles) and wanting to be there, but knowing that right now, I can't. So any help they can give is wonderful.
I Love You Mom !

The only thing that she is upset about is that she can't call me today.
Today, the 11th, is a Special Day for her and me.
For those who don't know, I am adopted.
The 11th of Nov, a few hundred years back, is the first day that my mom & dad saw me and I became theirs. It has always been said, in my family, that the 3rd is my Birthday, and the 11th is my Special Day.
I don't remember much, I was only 8 days old, but the story goes that daddy got a speeding ticket on the way home, he was driving faster than normal so I wouldn't get cold. It was one of my favourite stories growing up, along with one my Mom wrote for me, as she waited for me to be born called "We Choose You." They always made me feel special, and she still does.

I have often been asked if I would ever like to 'find' my birth mother' and my answer is still Not Really. If I ever did meet her, it would only be to say Thank You for making the decision you did to give me up, and that you did the right thing.
It had to be the hardest thing she ever did, and for that I will always be grateful.
I feel no loss, nor void in my life for not 'knowing' her. I grew up loved and content.

On another note. . .

My Psycho Cats found a way to get revenge for me adding an extra blanket to the bed two nights ago, when it was so wickedly cold. They did not care for the pattern on the one on top, so revolted and none slept with me that night. (Like I cared)
But ! They plotted.
And last night carried out their evil plan.
I got up this morning to find a Christmas Bow on the floor next to the bed.
Hmmmmm odd..... Wonder where that came from?
Another one in the hallway.
Three in the living room???
What the H---????
Family room had 2 on the floor...
Kitchen had 1.
Christmas Bows from last year that I found paticuraly pretty and wanted to save for this year, were scattered around my house !!?!!
Seems as if sometime during the night, my little darlings, Ugly and Tippet, not only found my box of Christmas Wrapping Supplies in the garage, but managed to knock in onto the floor and had a field day playing.
The garage had the rest of the bag of bows all over the floor, along with the rolls of wrapping paper and gift bags scattered around.
Yeah . . . They had fun.
So now my bows have little claw and teeth marks on them and some of the wrapping paper has been shredded.
They sure were busy. . .
Damn cats...

coffee Anyone?
(Special Blend for Tammi)

Jovianne ~ 8:23 AM


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