Friday, November 19, 2004

The Condensed Version
Thought I should take this brief time that I have and post.

My Mom
Doing great, hates the nursing home, but is getting better and going thru physical therapy, which she really does need and is helping her to get stronger.

My Son
Decided to fly home from Seattle on Monday.
Overall trip time was scheduled to be approx 11 hours, due in to the Pgh Airport at 9:30 Monday Night.
Ended up being 35 hour trip as he missed his plane in Seattle and called me at about 10:am not knowing what to do and only had $5.oo in his pocket.
Did you know that most airports Do Not have a Western Union ?
Long story short, I contacted the Airport Police in Seattle and they found him a place to wait for another flight, food and one very nice policeman gave him $$ out of his own pocket so he had some in case he needed it for his layover in Chicago.
He IS home, got home about 3:pm Tuesday, and is okay.
Slept for almost 24 solid hours after he got home.
Poor kid.
Needless to say I was a frantic mom for a couple of days.

Have had the kids every afternoon/evening this week.
I am still sane and all the old memories of small preschool children are rushing back into my brain like some crazed flashback.
Actually has been going okay, althought I have to mention that the little girl, who is 3, pulled a good one last night.
She was put in bed at her normal time, and I went to check on her about 1/2 hour later.
Her face was blue!
As in Blue Magic Marker.
Seems as if she couldn't sleep so she put on "make-up like mommy does" so she could look pretty.
(Kids don't go to sleep when you put them to bed???
Silly me, what WAS I Thinking???)
Thank Goodness it wasn't a Sharpie!
One hot bath later, (she had also done her arms and chest) she was safely back in bed after I did a bed check for any more markers she might have.
Iyi yi yi yi yi yi yi.........
(am open to tips and/or advice)

I haven't had to kill the Evil Devil Cats this week.
Maybe they realized I had enough fun already OR they are plotting for when my guard is down.

Anyone for coffee???


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