Monday, November 29, 2004

Just a quickie!!!

Still here.
Mom got released from the Nursing home on Wednesday, and have been working with a cousin in AZ to see if he or his wife can go see her or stay with her for a few days while she is adjusting to living alone. If not I may be flying out there for a couple of weeks. She says she is okay but more tired than she thought she would be and she definetly felt better while she was at the Nursing Home. . . .
so we shall see.

My computer time has been cut to almost nothing as the Son is home and making up for the 2 months he had no computer.***sigh***
He has been on here alot lately.
(please note the time of this post and you will understand)

The kids I am watching we pretty much have had since Friday afternoon, and they have my constant attention for the most part. (remember the Blue Marker Make-up?)

Made it thru Thanksgiving okay.
Cooked enough for a small army, but as it was just Son and me, well...... we are still eating turkey.
They just don't make a tiny turkey. . . . .
I do hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

My boys lost when they played (UGH!!!) Pitt on Thanksgiving Night and I am not real happy about that. Pitt and WVU have been mortal enemies since time began and of all the teams we play, Pitt is the one I always,ALWAYS hope to beat.
But . . . .alas, this year was not to be.
Steelers did good though so that is something.

Bathroom Disaster got taken care of fairly easily.
Landlord took care of the leaky pipe and replaced neighbors ceiling, so that is one less headache for us.

Anyhoo, hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can post again.
and now, my bed is calling me with its 13 blankets and 5 pillows. . . . .

Double Kiss

Jovianne ~ 1:58 AM


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