Nov 3
Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So I get home only to find Ugly, the baby feline, asleep on my computer chair.
I gently pick her up and move her to the bed, that I will only have to wrestle away from her later anyways, so I can sit at my desk, and she runs away.
Fine , Okay.....
NOW, she is on my desk, next to the speaker & monitor giving me GLARING DIRTY LOOKS and every time I glance at her she gives me a rude meow.
There is no pleasing Felines. None.
If I want the bed, they have it.
If I want the chair, one or more has it.
If I want to watch TV, they have my chair.

Anyhoo, am incredibly pleased with the outcome of Election 2004, and am celebrating tonight by having a Shrimp'n'Garlic Orgy all by myself for dinner,
(Shrimp was on sale at the grocery store),to be followed by this absolutly calories/fat infested piece of Cheesecake topped with Blueberries for dessert.
Normally I have Cheese Nips or a sandwich.

Good Morning!

Pretty much been up all night following the Election Results, and hoping it reaches a conclusion very soon.
And have a ton of errands to take care of today, as if all the running I did yesterday were not enough....geeeeeeesh.
So, shall be back later.... maybe.
It's going to be a good day today !!!

Blinking Heart 2

Jovianne ~ 9:19 AM


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