Nov 1
Monday, November 01, 2004

Made it to Nov 1st

Time for reflections as I have not slept all night.
With as crazy as this year has been for me, I had my doubts that I would make it this far with all brain cells intact.
My heart scare in March,(had a bad reaction to a new med they wanted me on, and my heart stopped. 3 days in ICU and then a week in the hospital after that)
my son's dad being a total ass and removing son's college fund and selling his car out from under him in June & July,
my mom's blood sugar dropping so low one night that from here in PA I was on the phone with the AZ police trying to get them to break her door down and yes, basically saved her life.(scared me more than my heart scare in March)
Minor daily things such as the ever constant worry that I am not making enough money,
getting the car fixed,
worrying about son's college career not taking off as expected,
the break between father and son due to what the father did to the son,
should I move to AZ to be closer to mom,
whacko neighbors downstairs that make enough noise to wake the dead,
the ever constant doctors appointments,
who in the happy hell will be our next president,
(yes I seldom talk politics, but I worry)
the worry that I DO talk to the cats. . .
The list sometimes seems endless.
Granted I didn't have hurricanes or the loss of a loved one,
but for me it's been a very long year.

I've made some new friends tho, thanks to this little invention called Blogging and for that I am grateful, as I am for the birth of my granddaughter. My younger son is probably coming home in about a week and that is good, but I hope he continues to try and maintain his new found independence. He is 19 and will be starting college in January, and I want him to succeed at all he attempts.

So yeah, I am rather relieved and happy that it is the first of November, that my loved ones are still here and that I have new friends and psycho cats.
Not so bad when I look back over the past few months. . . .

Time for more coffee!
I Love You Mug 2

Jovianne ~ 7:07 AM


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