My Mom
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Mom
Not only is Mom my mom, she is my best friend.
She is in AZ, land of warmth and sun, while I am here in Frozen PA.
We talk every night at 9:00.
Every night except for weekends when the unlimited calls kick in and we talk whenever we want.
She didn't answer the phone last night.
Okay.... wait a few minutes and try again.
As I was dialing the third time, her friend June called me.
Mom is in the hospital.

Seems as if she had an appt yesterday with her cardiologist and he found several symptoms indicating the she was headed for a stroke.
So he had her admitted for observation.
I did manage to speak with her briefly and she assures me she is okay.
So most of the night I alternated between worrying about her and not being there for her, and relief that she is being taken care of.

I really get scared when I realize that someday she won't be there.
She has been my friend, my mentor and rock for so long that I can't remember a time when she was just my mom.
Losing my dad was the biggest blow of my life, and I have had many lows in my life.
I've always loved mom, but the weeks following my dad's passing, our relationship took on a different, more intense level.
They gave me a wonderful childhood and when I get news like I did last night,part of me wants to go back to that time.

But you can't.

(damn, its cold-27)
Coffee time

Update: Noon
Just talked with mum, but missed her doctor by minutes.
They are going to run several more tests, and keep her for a few days.
She sounds WONDERFUL, and says she feels a lot better than she has for the past week or so.
So I feel that she is in good hands, and she is insistant that I not spend the money to fly out there, even tho I want to go and be there.
She is going to give my phone number to her doctor and hopefully he will call me when he can. This damned privacy act makes it difficult but she is asking him to talk wtih me so it should be okay.


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