Long Weekend
Monday, November 15, 2004

Long Weekend
Long,Long,Long Weekend

They got mom situated in a Nursing Home late Friday afternoon.
Other than the fact that she does not have a phone in her room, she has to walk to the nurses desk to take calls, she is okay.
They are carefully monitoring her meds, and she is in physical therapy, and overall , things are looking good.
She hopes to be home by the end of this week.
I won't tell you her thoughts on spending Thanksgiving there, I never knew she could actually swear.
I have spent the better part of yesterday and saturday afternoons trying to contact various family members, and we are trying to see if there is any possible way that someone, hopefully me, could go to AZ for a couple of weeks to stay with her, so she can get out of there sooner.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights I babysat for the darling little monsters,er uh children downstairs.
The Good News is that the mother finally picked up on the fact that IF I am Doing This, I SHOULD BE PAID for it.
I do have a license for daycare here in the state.
I don't mean to sound like a mercenary bitch, but it's my time, my brain cells being effected and I feel some compensation is in order.
She agreed and we worked out terms for future sitting episodes.
So it looks like 3-4 nights I may be earning extra for the Holidays.
Which is not a bad thing.
But if my posts start sounding like they have been written by Dr Suess,or that I have lost my mind, you will know why.

(Something about 10 solid hours with tiny short people that can adjust one's thinking)Insane

Time for Coffee. . . . . .

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