Saturday, November 06, 2004

I hate commercials
Not just the political ones either.
The ones that insult our intelligence and make you want to gag.
Then there are the "just plain stupid" ones.
For Example:
The New Toilet Brush
You know the one, has soap built into the handle, and you press a button and this foamy stuff comes out of the brush, you scrub your toilet and it is the best thing since sliced bread.
Now, what do I not like about this commercial???
The lady at the end endorsing it.
She says " It changed my life"
Now excuse me, but how in the happy hell can a toilet brush CHANGE YOUR LIFE???
Am I missing something here?
It really isn't that difficult or time consuming to clean a toilet.
I admit my life could use some major changes at times, but it will change if I use this brush???
In my toilet?
Makes me wonder where else that lady is using it . . .
Anyone out there think that is strange or is it just me?

My game today is Temple vs West Virginia !!!
My boys had best win.
Tammi has a good one going too.Her boys are headed to Tennesse.
Notre Dame vs. (9) Tennessee

Even tho I dislike Notre Dame, I do realize they are a great team and I hope they win.
Pittsburgh is playing Syracuse and I hope Pitt gets the snot beat outta them!

Okay guess its time for coffee and maybe I will clean the toilet too.

Jovianne ~ 9:50 AM


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