Monday, November 29, 2004

Just a quickie!!!

Still here.
Mom got released from the Nursing home on Wednesday, and have been working with a cousin in AZ to see if he or his wife can go see her or stay with her for a few days while she is adjusting to living alone. If not I may be flying out there for a couple of weeks. She says she is okay but more tired than she thought she would be and she definetly felt better while she was at the Nursing Home. . . .
so we shall see.

My computer time has been cut to almost nothing as the Son is home and making up for the 2 months he had no computer.***sigh***
He has been on here alot lately.
(please note the time of this post and you will understand)

The kids I am watching we pretty much have had since Friday afternoon, and they have my constant attention for the most part. (remember the Blue Marker Make-up?)

Made it thru Thanksgiving okay.
Cooked enough for a small army, but as it was just Son and me, well...... we are still eating turkey.
They just don't make a tiny turkey. . . . .
I do hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

My boys lost when they played (UGH!!!) Pitt on Thanksgiving Night and I am not real happy about that. Pitt and WVU have been mortal enemies since time began and of all the teams we play, Pitt is the one I always,ALWAYS hope to beat.
But . . . .alas, this year was not to be.
Steelers did good though so that is something.

Bathroom Disaster got taken care of fairly easily.
Landlord took care of the leaky pipe and replaced neighbors ceiling, so that is one less headache for us.

Anyhoo, hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can post again.
and now, my bed is calling me with its 13 blankets and 5 pillows. . . . .

Double Kiss

Jovianne ~ 1:58 AM


Friday, November 19, 2004

Would now be a good time to mention this?
My downstairs neighbor called me today to tell me that. . .
When she was taking her shower, her ceiling above the shower collapsed.
My tub sits directly above hers.
Seems as if there has been a slow leak between floors and the floor/ceiling could not hold the water anymore and . . . . .
Thank Goodness no one got hurt, a tile just grazed her chin a bit.
And it looks like it will be a plumbing nightmare for a few days. . . .

I think I am pretty much done for the week.....

Jovianne ~ 11:19 PM



The Condensed Version
Thought I should take this brief time that I have and post.

My Mom
Doing great, hates the nursing home, but is getting better and going thru physical therapy, which she really does need and is helping her to get stronger.

My Son
Decided to fly home from Seattle on Monday.
Overall trip time was scheduled to be approx 11 hours, due in to the Pgh Airport at 9:30 Monday Night.
Ended up being 35 hour trip as he missed his plane in Seattle and called me at about 10:am not knowing what to do and only had $5.oo in his pocket.
Did you know that most airports Do Not have a Western Union ?
Long story short, I contacted the Airport Police in Seattle and they found him a place to wait for another flight, food and one very nice policeman gave him $$ out of his own pocket so he had some in case he needed it for his layover in Chicago.
He IS home, got home about 3:pm Tuesday, and is okay.
Slept for almost 24 solid hours after he got home.
Poor kid.
Needless to say I was a frantic mom for a couple of days.

Have had the kids every afternoon/evening this week.
I am still sane and all the old memories of small preschool children are rushing back into my brain like some crazed flashback.
Actually has been going okay, althought I have to mention that the little girl, who is 3, pulled a good one last night.
She was put in bed at her normal time, and I went to check on her about 1/2 hour later.
Her face was blue!
As in Blue Magic Marker.
Seems as if she couldn't sleep so she put on "make-up like mommy does" so she could look pretty.
(Kids don't go to sleep when you put them to bed???
Silly me, what WAS I Thinking???)
Thank Goodness it wasn't a Sharpie!
One hot bath later, (she had also done her arms and chest) she was safely back in bed after I did a bed check for any more markers she might have.
Iyi yi yi yi yi yi yi.........
(am open to tips and/or advice)

I haven't had to kill the Evil Devil Cats this week.
Maybe they realized I had enough fun already OR they are plotting for when my guard is down.

Anyone for coffee???


Jovianne ~ 1:33 PM


Long Weekend
Monday, November 15, 2004

Long Weekend
Long,Long,Long Weekend

They got mom situated in a Nursing Home late Friday afternoon.
Other than the fact that she does not have a phone in her room, she has to walk to the nurses desk to take calls, she is okay.
They are carefully monitoring her meds, and she is in physical therapy, and overall , things are looking good.
She hopes to be home by the end of this week.
I won't tell you her thoughts on spending Thanksgiving there, I never knew she could actually swear.
I have spent the better part of yesterday and saturday afternoons trying to contact various family members, and we are trying to see if there is any possible way that someone, hopefully me, could go to AZ for a couple of weeks to stay with her, so she can get out of there sooner.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights I babysat for the darling little monsters,er uh children downstairs.
The Good News is that the mother finally picked up on the fact that IF I am Doing This, I SHOULD BE PAID for it.
I do have a license for daycare here in the state.
I don't mean to sound like a mercenary bitch, but it's my time, my brain cells being effected and I feel some compensation is in order.
She agreed and we worked out terms for future sitting episodes.
So it looks like 3-4 nights I may be earning extra for the Holidays.
Which is not a bad thing.
But if my posts start sounding like they have been written by Dr Suess,or that I have lost my mind, you will know why.

(Something about 10 solid hours with tiny short people that can adjust one's thinking)Insane

Time for Coffee. . . . . .

Jovianne ~ 9:10 AM


Saturday, November 13, 2004

My boys lost.
Boston College Upsets WVU 36 - 17
Boston College at West virginia


Jovianne ~ 4:57 PM


Veteran's Day
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veteran's Day
A huge Thank You to all who serve.
Happy Veterans Day

Mom is Much Better!
I did get to speak with her doctor for a few minutes, and he has concerns that her heart is weakening, but is running tests again today, and monitoring her meds, possibly changing some of them, and seemed to give the sense that she will be better now that the problem was found and being handled.

Spoke with her several times yesterday and each time, she sounds better and was actually praising the food (?!!!?) and laughing last night.
I know where she is, she is safe and they are talking Home Health Care 3-4 days a week when she leaves the hospital, which makes me feel better.
It is very difficult for me being so far away (2400 miles) and wanting to be there, but knowing that right now, I can't. So any help they can give is wonderful.
I Love You Mom !

The only thing that she is upset about is that she can't call me today.
Today, the 11th, is a Special Day for her and me.
For those who don't know, I am adopted.
The 11th of Nov, a few hundred years back, is the first day that my mom & dad saw me and I became theirs. It has always been said, in my family, that the 3rd is my Birthday, and the 11th is my Special Day.
I don't remember much, I was only 8 days old, but the story goes that daddy got a speeding ticket on the way home, he was driving faster than normal so I wouldn't get cold. It was one of my favourite stories growing up, along with one my Mom wrote for me, as she waited for me to be born called "We Choose You." They always made me feel special, and she still does.

I have often been asked if I would ever like to 'find' my birth mother' and my answer is still Not Really. If I ever did meet her, it would only be to say Thank You for making the decision you did to give me up, and that you did the right thing.
It had to be the hardest thing she ever did, and for that I will always be grateful.
I feel no loss, nor void in my life for not 'knowing' her. I grew up loved and content.

On another note. . .

My Psycho Cats found a way to get revenge for me adding an extra blanket to the bed two nights ago, when it was so wickedly cold. They did not care for the pattern on the one on top, so revolted and none slept with me that night. (Like I cared)
But ! They plotted.
And last night carried out their evil plan.
I got up this morning to find a Christmas Bow on the floor next to the bed.
Hmmmmm odd..... Wonder where that came from?
Another one in the hallway.
Three in the living room???
What the H---????
Family room had 2 on the floor...
Kitchen had 1.
Christmas Bows from last year that I found paticuraly pretty and wanted to save for this year, were scattered around my house !!?!!
Seems as if sometime during the night, my little darlings, Ugly and Tippet, not only found my box of Christmas Wrapping Supplies in the garage, but managed to knock in onto the floor and had a field day playing.
The garage had the rest of the bag of bows all over the floor, along with the rolls of wrapping paper and gift bags scattered around.
Yeah . . . They had fun.
So now my bows have little claw and teeth marks on them and some of the wrapping paper has been shredded.
They sure were busy. . .
Damn cats...

coffee Anyone?
(Special Blend for Tammi)

Jovianne ~ 8:23 AM


My Mom
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Mom
Not only is Mom my mom, she is my best friend.
She is in AZ, land of warmth and sun, while I am here in Frozen PA.
We talk every night at 9:00.
Every night except for weekends when the unlimited calls kick in and we talk whenever we want.
She didn't answer the phone last night.
Okay.... wait a few minutes and try again.
As I was dialing the third time, her friend June called me.
Mom is in the hospital.

Seems as if she had an appt yesterday with her cardiologist and he found several symptoms indicating the she was headed for a stroke.
So he had her admitted for observation.
I did manage to speak with her briefly and she assures me she is okay.
So most of the night I alternated between worrying about her and not being there for her, and relief that she is being taken care of.

I really get scared when I realize that someday she won't be there.
She has been my friend, my mentor and rock for so long that I can't remember a time when she was just my mom.
Losing my dad was the biggest blow of my life, and I have had many lows in my life.
I've always loved mom, but the weeks following my dad's passing, our relationship took on a different, more intense level.
They gave me a wonderful childhood and when I get news like I did last night,part of me wants to go back to that time.

But you can't.

(damn, its cold-27)
Coffee time

Update: Noon
Just talked with mum, but missed her doctor by minutes.
They are going to run several more tests, and keep her for a few days.
She sounds WONDERFUL, and says she feels a lot better than she has for the past week or so.
So I feel that she is in good hands, and she is insistant that I not spend the money to fly out there, even tho I want to go and be there.
She is going to give my phone number to her doctor and hopefully he will call me when he can. This damned privacy act makes it difficult but she is asking him to talk wtih me so it should be okay.


Jovianne ~ 6:29 AM


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

No, no, no, no, no!
I am NOT ready for this.....
Temps this week are expected to be in the low to mid 20's at night all week.
Highs for the days mid 30's to mid 40's.
Too early in the year.
I won't have it.

Too Cold

Jovianne ~ 1:41 PM


Saturday, November 06, 2004

I hate commercials
Not just the political ones either.
The ones that insult our intelligence and make you want to gag.
Then there are the "just plain stupid" ones.
For Example:
The New Toilet Brush
You know the one, has soap built into the handle, and you press a button and this foamy stuff comes out of the brush, you scrub your toilet and it is the best thing since sliced bread.
Now, what do I not like about this commercial???
The lady at the end endorsing it.
She says " It changed my life"
Now excuse me, but how in the happy hell can a toilet brush CHANGE YOUR LIFE???
Am I missing something here?
It really isn't that difficult or time consuming to clean a toilet.
I admit my life could use some major changes at times, but it will change if I use this brush???
In my toilet?
Makes me wonder where else that lady is using it . . .
Anyone out there think that is strange or is it just me?

My game today is Temple vs West Virginia !!!
My boys had best win.
Tammi has a good one going too.Her boys are headed to Tennesse.
Notre Dame vs. (9) Tennessee

Even tho I dislike Notre Dame, I do realize they are a great team and I hope they win.
Pittsburgh is playing Syracuse and I hope Pitt gets the snot beat outta them!

Okay guess its time for coffee and maybe I will clean the toilet too.

Jovianne ~ 9:50 AM


Bad Blogging?
Thursday, November 04, 2004

Now isn't this interesting?
Bloggers Said to Blame for Bad Poll Info

Jovianne ~ 9:39 AM



Little Axioms Of Life
Star 14

  • Everyone has a photographic memory. Some people just don't have film.

  • He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

  • A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

  • On the other hand, you have different fingers.

  • Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

  • Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

  • Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.

  • She's always late. Her ancestors arrived on the Juneflower.

  • You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.

Mmmmmmmm coffee is done.

Jovianne ~ 6:23 AM


Nov 3 PM
Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yes it was a good day.
My canidate won.
Dinner was great.
And I am in a great mood!

Goodnight everyone!!!
Moon 2

Jovianne ~ 10:53 PM


Nov 3

So I get home only to find Ugly, the baby feline, asleep on my computer chair.
I gently pick her up and move her to the bed, that I will only have to wrestle away from her later anyways, so I can sit at my desk, and she runs away.
Fine , Okay.....
NOW, she is on my desk, next to the speaker & monitor giving me GLARING DIRTY LOOKS and every time I glance at her she gives me a rude meow.
There is no pleasing Felines. None.
If I want the bed, they have it.
If I want the chair, one or more has it.
If I want to watch TV, they have my chair.

Anyhoo, am incredibly pleased with the outcome of Election 2004, and am celebrating tonight by having a Shrimp'n'Garlic Orgy all by myself for dinner,
(Shrimp was on sale at the grocery store),to be followed by this absolutly calories/fat infested piece of Cheesecake topped with Blueberries for dessert.
Normally I have Cheese Nips or a sandwich.

Good Morning!

Pretty much been up all night following the Election Results, and hoping it reaches a conclusion very soon.
And have a ton of errands to take care of today, as if all the running I did yesterday were not enough....geeeeeeesh.
So, shall be back later.... maybe.
It's going to be a good day today !!!

Blinking Heart 2

Jovianne ~ 9:19 AM


Election Day
Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Okay kids, this is it!
Election Day

Flag 2
We have lived thru months of mudslinging, weeks of endless 'approved' commercials and heard the good, bad, ups & downs.
It is our turn now to get out there and vote.
So drink your coffee and move your ass!

On another note, Cassie-b has posted her monthly Odd Holiday Calender for November. You can see it here November Bizzare & Unique Holidays. I am wondering about "Make Your Own Head Day on the 28th......"

Coffee Time, then onto the polls...

Jovianne ~ 6:57 AM


Nov 1
Monday, November 01, 2004

Made it to Nov 1st

Time for reflections as I have not slept all night.
With as crazy as this year has been for me, I had my doubts that I would make it this far with all brain cells intact.
My heart scare in March,(had a bad reaction to a new med they wanted me on, and my heart stopped. 3 days in ICU and then a week in the hospital after that)
my son's dad being a total ass and removing son's college fund and selling his car out from under him in June & July,
my mom's blood sugar dropping so low one night that from here in PA I was on the phone with the AZ police trying to get them to break her door down and yes, basically saved her life.(scared me more than my heart scare in March)
Minor daily things such as the ever constant worry that I am not making enough money,
getting the car fixed,
worrying about son's college career not taking off as expected,
the break between father and son due to what the father did to the son,
should I move to AZ to be closer to mom,
whacko neighbors downstairs that make enough noise to wake the dead,
the ever constant doctors appointments,
who in the happy hell will be our next president,
(yes I seldom talk politics, but I worry)
the worry that I DO talk to the cats. . .
The list sometimes seems endless.
Granted I didn't have hurricanes or the loss of a loved one,
but for me it's been a very long year.

I've made some new friends tho, thanks to this little invention called Blogging and for that I am grateful, as I am for the birth of my granddaughter. My younger son is probably coming home in about a week and that is good, but I hope he continues to try and maintain his new found independence. He is 19 and will be starting college in January, and I want him to succeed at all he attempts.

So yeah, I am rather relieved and happy that it is the first of November, that my loved ones are still here and that I have new friends and psycho cats.
Not so bad when I look back over the past few months. . . .

Time for more coffee!
I Love You Mug 2

Jovianne ~ 7:07 AM


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