Wednesday, October 06, 2004

If one could wish a day or two away,
I would get rid of the past two days.
They were chaotic and a mess.
They weren't bad days, just incredibly insane.
So we are going to pretend they didn't happen.

I got 2 new orders for afghans, wanted by Christmas, so on top of what is already on the list, I am going to try to get these done also. That is the problem with custom orders, they want them yesterday, not realizing that it takes time to do them right.
So I will be busy with that on top of everything else.
(I do billing and bookkeeping for small businesses here in this area and A.S.I.)

My son turns 19 tomorrow.
(the younger one)
When he left, he and I had a talk about communication and I told him I was not going to call him too much.
Okay , it is his first time 'away' from home and I am a typical parent in the aspect that I am trying to NOT worry, trying to give him his 'freedom' and let him grow.
But,,,,,, I do feel that a Birthday Call is not out of order.
I have not called him.
He has called twice,
Once from the airport, letting me know he got there okay
and once last week, letting me know he is alive.
So yeah... he is getting a call from mom tomorrow, on his Birthday.

His cat is finally emerging for more than mealtime.
Poor thing has barely left my son's room since he left.
I didn't see her for the first few days at all.
I had to go looking to make sure she was still here.
(you try explaining to a cat that her owner is gone for an extended period of time)
Past few days she has been out more and I actually caught her playing this morning with the others.
So things may be looking up for her.
Cat 7

as always,
time for coffee.

Jovianne ~ 11:19 AM


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