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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Long Weekend
Hope everyone had a great one!
Mine had it's Ups & downs, In & outs, Over & unders, but other than that was pretty quiet.
Went and bought a new comforter for my bed Friday.
The old one is fine, but I like lots of warmth and... they were on sale!

So..... the cats now have a new bed. (sigh)
They love it.
I might get to use it one of these nights.

Landlord is finally getting over here to do the winter check on the furnaces, so maybe tonight I can have heat.
Would be a nice thing.

A question was asked of me the other day
Yankes/Red Sox?
I need to mull that one over.
I have not followed baseball since I fell in love with Hockey back when the Pens were kicking ass all over the ice, and Football, obviously, is my main sports love.
So... I will get back to you on that.
My first instict is Yankess, but I have no real reason for saying that, just sounds good.

Coffee break is over...
Back to work.

Jovianne ~ 11:09 AM


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