Monday, October 18, 2004

I love scented candles and potpourri.
I went to Wicks-n-Sticks today and picked up some Tarts for my burner.
Got my usual scents and decided to try a new one... a Lemon Zest.
Smelled okay in the wrapper.
Well here I am , 4 hours later with a house that smells like DishSoap!
That is all I can think of..... it smells like friggin soap.
So if you are like me and do not like to have a constant reminder that the dishes need washed, I do NOT recommend the Lemon Zest, in any form.
Good thing I only bought one!!!

The mall is already getting crazy in anticipation of the Holiday Shopping Season.
It is way too crowded.
But the sounds and sights of what is to come is a really nice feeling.
I am just not one for major crowds while trying to shop.

Let the Bucs win tonight!!!

Got dishes to wash.
Rolling Eyes

Jovianne ~ 7:17 PM


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