Monday, October 04, 2004

It's Official

We are now under a Freeze Warning?
Supposed to get down in the 30's every night this week.
Freezing Cold
Time to take out the window fans and possibly see if the furnace works.
The days are georgeous though!!!

Topped my weekend off in a good way.
Found 3 good movies to watch last night so I could work.
(Yes, I need background noise when I crochet)
Seems as if it was John Grisham Night on HBO.

The Rainmaker - so so (I don't like Matt whats-his-face)
The Client - Made me cry at the end.
Runaway Jury. - Best I have seen in a while!
All very good, seemed to follow the actual books rather well but I must say that Runaway Jury was excellent.
Yeah, well anything with Gene Hackman in it is bound to be good, but it was the ending that 'got' me.
So it has been put on my It's A Keeper List.

And one of the two current afghans is now finished, and the other one is almost done, so I really got alot done.
Now I need to move on to the next 3 projects, I guess.
I just knew Sunday would be better than Saturday had been.

Note to Tammi:

I am sorry your Bucs lost.
My team lost Saturday and its always a letdown.
I hate it when that happens !


Jovianne ~ 2:38 PM


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