Thursday, October 21, 2004

Interesting two days. . .

Been babysitting the two little darling monsters downstairs for my neighbor.
Ages 2-1/2 and 5.
And her sister's 4 month old.
I now know why I stopped having children.
It has been too long since I was responsible for an infant, let alone the adorable little monsters. er ummmmm kids.
Okay seriously, they are great kids.
I just am out of practice on youngin's.
My two are 27 & 19..... it's been a while.

On another note. . .
Looks like my 19 yr old, the one who left for Seattle last month to work in his brothers restaurant to earn money for college, may be coming home.
I am picking up wierd 'vibes' during our phone talks.
He went from not calling at all to 3 calls in the past two days.
I think part of this may stem from simply being homesick for his life here, his friends, his own room, own TV, Playstation, etc.
the other part?
He and his brother have not seen eachother in 6 yrs.
They both have changed since they were kids (obviously) and maybe the 'glow' of admiration he has had for his older brother has worn off.
I don't know.
He knows he can come home at any time.
(His damn cat would be overjoyed as would the neighbor's dog)
I have gotten used to him not being here.
But, I have missed the little snot.
So we shall see what he wants to do.

Time for coffee and some quiet time with a good book, and then have some catch-up work to do.
Maybe a nap - - kids wore me out.

Jovianne ~ 11:51 AM


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