Saturday, September 04, 2004

Can you say Shopping Paranoia???
I am sure most of us have heard about the latest scam with the photo cell phones. . . where someone in line behind you could take a shot of your credit card and later use the information.
I forget how long ago I heard that and saw how it might work, then kinda forgot about it.

Well here I am at the register just a bit ago, used my card, turned around only to see the lady behind me using her camera phone... she made eye contact with me and then put the phone up to her ear. then pulled it away from her ear, folded it and put it in her purse.

Never spoke to anyone.

Okay so now here I am wondering what if???
And thinking I may simply be nuts???
Made me paranoid on the way home tho. . . .


Jovianne ~ 11:17 AM


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