Wed AM
Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Good Morning !!!

It's beautiful out, and I made it (barely) past Tuesday.
Mostly Sunny
[Happy Happy Joy Joy]
Coffee is up and running if anyone wants a cup.
Bought a different brand due to the fact that IT WAS ON SALE! and its good.
But I make great coffee anyways so . . . .

According to those who KNOW...
SVU was Great! last night so apparently my Tuesdays Nights are going to be messed up for the this TV season.
(Will be passing the hat later for donations for a New VCR for Jovi Fund)
Okay so what is the happy hairy big deal about a TV show?
I don't know.
I do know that I seldom watch TV but I DO watch my cop shows.
(24, L&O, L&O SVU, NYPD BLue) . . .
I don't really consider 24 a cop show but more a weekly mind-aggravating, almost-tossing-the-chair-at-the-screen cliffhanging experience.
And of course it has Kiefer in it. What more can be said?

Neede More Coffee!

Jovianne ~ 7:53 AM


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