Tuesday, September 14, 2004

done with work today

Figured I'd best post today as there are some out there that are ready to wring my neck.
See Here for details.

The Neighbors dog, Daisy, has been a daily visitor since about July and she misses my son.
She sits in front of the door and cries for him.
Kinda a whimper whine sorta thing.
Breaks my heart.
I don't mind letting her in , but my cats have major issues with her.
(Go Figure)
She is a German Shepard Mix, and I guess the cats find her size and "Let's Play Chase" habit a bit intimidating.

I am still ticked that I have to wait till January for the premiere of 24 !
The Summer has been bad enough without it, but to have to wait another few months while all the other 'Not-Quite-So-Addicting' Shows are starting just doesn't seem fair.
But good things are worth the wait so . . .

And for now, its cool enough out that I can get back to work on my afghans.
The Crafts Fair is in October and I already have 14 ready to sell, but mind as well get started on next years, and Christmas Gifts.
Problem is I love to watch movies while I crochet, and since my VCR died, and I only have so many DVD's my concentration is at a low.

Time for afternoon coffee!

Jovianne ~ 11:55 AM


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