Saturday, September 25, 2004


Have spent most of today putzing around the house and worrying about Tammi and others in the path of Jeanne....
Tammi is hanging in there and posting as she can.
Road Warrior Survival
She is one tough lady for staying and my thoughts and prayers are with her and everyone down that way.
She is running a current list of bloggers in that area giving updates as they can.

A little while ago, I was rambling thru some blogs and found this one.
Its All About Me, Or Is It?
Really nice and she had this post which caught my eye and I wanted to share.
Lost Between Baby Boomer & Generation X
If you have seen it before, then forgive me, but ...........sadly, its very fitting for me.
Most of it.(shush Gramm)

Cassie-b has a picture of a mega-huge cat posted today, might want to go check it out.Cassie-b It's almost scarey looking!!!

Speaking of Cats, Phil of Phily Phil's has some new pics of his new little kitten-type critter. Cute little sucker, but I understand it likes to shred Phil's legs...

Tricia and
Ren have been quiet today. . .

Heads Up!
Just had an email from Tammi...
so far so good.
It should hit her area around midnight and she says she is ready for that @#$!@%!
Hang Tough Kiddo!!!

More Later

Jovianne ~ 5:20 PM


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