Rain II
Friday, September 17, 2004

And it's still raining, as predicted.

I live on a hill, Thankfully, and the entire road has sheets of water running downhill and the gullys (or is that gullies?)
Fine, okay.
the sides of the road, -----
would be called shoulder if it were interstate but its simply the side of the road here-----
have streams racing down them.
If we were the size of mice I could be WhiteWater Rafting on my road right now.
(Hmmm say that 3 times fast).
I will say this: I feel for the folks at the bottom of my hill.
They flooded out not too long ago, and the water did $$$ of damage.
I only hope they either moved or upped their insurance because I know they are getting hit right now.


Jovianne ~ 4:18 PM


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