Monday, September 13, 2004

Middle of the Night Ponderings

Okay well early AM . . . Geeeeeeesh.

1) Can anyone out there explain to me what the big hoopla is about Mozilla?
Why is it better?
Why do some pages view differently thru it?
( My Books Blog looks like caca in Mozilla)
What is with the tabs?
Am I using it correctly?
Or am I just so used to IE, that I don't know what I am doing?
(Who Moved My Cheese?)

2) Does every dream in colour?
I had a black and white dream 3 nights ago, and that is a first and its bugging me.
My mum claims she has never dreamt in colour. . .

3)How do you get rid of a song / tune that is in your head and shows no signs of leaving?
I have been humming / singing Mello Yellow by Donavan for over a week now and I am tired of it.
I want a new song.

4) Why is the cat always, Always! asleep in my favourite chair, only when I want to sit in it?
And why do they give such evil, dirty looks when you move them?
It only takes a cat 13.3 seconds to fall asleep, so what is the big deal if you wake them???

5) and Cassie and I want to know how a spider can spin a web in a matter of seconds/minutes across the doorway at night so you get web in your face as you walk thru even tho it was clear a moment ago.

Back to bed. . .

Jovianne ~ 3:30 AM


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