PM update
Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why oh Why!
Do they have to show 2 of the four bestest cop shows on the same night AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Tain't fair.
Okay so I watched NYPD Blue and switched during the commercials to SVU.
I really really really really miss my VCR !!!

At least Law & Order will be on Wed, and 24 on Mondays (ONCE IT FINALLY STARTS!) so I won't have to choose between them.
Its only Tuesdays that will have me messed up.

Yes NYPD was good tonight.
I already hate the two new cast members.
And yeah, I am sad that it is the last season for this show.

Now.... question?
Did anyone watch SVU and if so. . . . what did I miss???
Phil? can you answer that???
Ignoring You

PS I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow.

Jovianne ~ 10:23 PM


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