Monday AM
Monday, September 27, 2004

Another Chilly one this morning. . .

I think Autumn is now officially upon us and the Heat&Humidity that is so dear to Pittsburgh is GONE for the Year!!
Yes, that is a good thing.

Looks like Jeanne did her damage and is moving on ....
Tammi and Bou have reported in that they are okay, and last I heard from Tricia down in Atlanta, they were getting rains but nothing like what Ivan caused.
Long weekend for those folks.
And now the repairs to the state begin, again.

Had a quiet Sunday, didn't even post (gasp!) and back to work again here in a bit.
I am convinced that once my children move across the country I cease to exist for them. I have not heard a word since Nick left, other than the fact that he arrived safely. I know that is pretty much the norm with calling home, so as of yet, I am not worried. Come Thanksgiving, I might be a bit on the frantic side, but for now, all is well.
(except for the cats, but I don't wish to get into that arguement this morning)

Time for one more cup!
Cat 4

Jovianne ~ 6:55 AM


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