It Stopped
Saturday, September 18, 2004

Well, they were wrong

It HAS Stopped raining.
First predictions were for almost 3 days of rain and we only had one and a half.
Heavy downpours and lots of flooded roads but its stopped.

Yesterday I kept hearing the birds outside even tho it was raining like crazy so . . . .
I took an old pie pan, that had seen better days, and filled it with seed and set it on the edge of the porch under the overhang so it would stay dry.
Birds were happy about it and the funny part was watching my Psycho Kittys attempting to 'attack' the birds thru the windows.
Birds didn't even flinch as tiny paws batted and clawed at the glass.
It was one of those things you just have to see.

This morning, there was still some seed left and a roaming chipmunk had found the pan... He had a great time helping himself and yes, once again, Psycho Kittys thought they could destroy him.
It was almost as good as the time that the wild turkey showed up to feed...
(One cat is still in therapy over that one)

(Note to all Bird Lovers: My cats are house cats, they do not leave the protected enviornment of this roof and could never sit and wait to actually harm any of my wild visiting critters)

(checking watch)
Hmmmmmmm its not quite noon yet, so I can still have some coffee !!!


Jovianne ~ 10:59 AM


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