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Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's Later
Okay so there I am walking back down the hill from the grocery store. . .
(I live on this Traumatic 'S' Curve that causes all sorts of problems, mostly in winter)
Anyhoo, as I am coming around the last curve, which ends at my front yard, there is movement in the front yard. ..
So I stop.
Now more than 5 feet from where I was standing was a Mama Woodchuck with 2 babies.
Munching away at the peanut butter bread I put out for the squirrels.
Cutest little things !
It's late in the year tho for her to be having babies. . . .Odd.
When I started to finish coming down the hill, Mama ran, and the two little ones were right behind her, making it look like a long furry snake.
They move in complete unision.
Just felt like sharing that.



Word has it. . .
that the Hump Fairy tends to leave a trail of cookie crumbs behind him.
Now I am not sure if that is a good thing or not


Good thing if:
A) he does not live in a candy cottage in the woods
B) he does not eat (cookies) in bed
C) he chews with his mouth shut

Bad thing if:
A) he lives in a candy cottage in the woods
B) he eats (cookies) in bed
C) he chews with his mouth open

Gotta think on this some.

Jovianne ~ 2:58 PM


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