Friday AM
Friday, September 24, 2004

I am REALLY glad it is Friday.

This has just been a kinda bad week for me all around, and even tho I try to not let my negative moods spill out onto my blog (or anyones for that matter) I kinda didn't adhere to that rule .....

I am all better now.
Its a beautiful day out
The birds, squirrels and chippys are happy... (probably the woodchuck too)
My cats are still psychotic and attacking invisible bugs on the walls
Life Is Good.

Now if I could just figure out who called me at 4:13 this morning and WOKE ME UP, I would say Life Is Perfect.
Came up as private number,left no message, can't do a callback, so I will probably never know.
But they WOKE ME UP and I was kinda cranky about it at that time.
I am over it now.
I think.

On another note, I did watch ER last night and I now know, once again, why I quit watching that show.
It was not good.
You get all this buildup for the 'new season' and when the show is lousy, its like a letdown thing.
Law&Order on Wed, (both new episodes) were good so that makes up for it.
But I will be leaving ER alone again this year.
I should know to just stick with my cop shows.
I do need to check out that CSI one tho . . . . .
Oh, just a note for those who don't know: Part of what I do is crochet. (See "Rose Bedspread" dated Sept 16. for a photo of one of my projects)Anyhoo, I am not really a TV addict, I just have to have something on in the background while I work, and since my VCR died. . . . . well you get the idea.
I DO still need a new VCR.

Anyone for Coffee???

Jovianne ~ 8:54 AM


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