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Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm Back

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. . . so glad you could attend , come inside , come inside. (Excellent band, Excellent song!)

Let's just say its been an interesting week, and have been reading some friends blogs to get caught up to date and thought I'd share a few items.

Gramm is still searching for a name for his blog. I Need A Name for this Blog Getting some really good suggestions too!

Jim and Freddie's blogs, The Velvet blog and Freddie's Blog are apparently getting some interesting attention on the internet. Go check them out. It's getting way tooooo funny!!!! Doing good Jim!!! I love it!

Go see Olympic Moments for a really good laugh by Empress.

and my friend Phil atPhily Phils reached a landmark day last Thursday!!! Way to go Phil!!!

Cassie has a great post on Unusual September Holidays.... Cassie-B I never even knew there was a National Play-Doh Day??!!

And I am on my way for coffee!!!

Jovianne ~ 7:14 AM


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