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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It takes coffee too long to brew!!!

I've decided that they need to find a way to make coffee brew faster.
10 minutes is too long,and before anyone says have instant,
I really don't care for the aftertaste of instant coffee. . .
I used to have one of those coffeemakers that you could set the night before to start before you get up,
but. . . it died a few months ago,
and I resurrected the old one, to save a dime or two.
So now I wait.

I think our nice weather spell is slowly going to start fading away.
It still was cool last night, its 61 right now,
but today it is supposed to climb back into the 80's. .
which around here, this time of year, means thunderstorms in the evenings,
after a hot sticky humid afternoon.
Oh well ...

Morning Joke?
George W. Bush, in an airport lobby, noticed a man in a long flowing white robe with a long flowing white beard and flowing white hair. The man had a staff in one hand and some stone tablets under the other arm.

George W. approached the man and inquired, "Aren't you Moses?"

The man ignored George W. and stared at the ceiling.

George W. positioned himself more directly in the man's view and asked again, "Aren't you Moses?"

The man continued to peruse the ceiling. George W. tugged at the man's sleeve and asked once again, "Aren't you Moses?"

The man finally responded in an irritated voice, "Yes I am".

George W. asked him why he was so unfriendly and Moses replied, "The last time I spoke to a Bush I had to spend forty years in the desert.

MmmmmmmCoffee. . .
Yay!! It's Done!!!

Jovianne ~ 5:06 AM


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