Thursday eve
Thursday, August 05, 2004

Wow . . .

Am glad today is almost over.
Was too nice out to sit and play on puter after work today.
Did some yardwork - - hate the weeds on the hillside - - -
Read a bit on the porch after that.... "Rainmaker" by the lawyer dude

And... tried to forget about the mindboggling (not mindblogging) emails that my son is getting from people who consider themselves his family.
They are all but disowning him.. geeeeeeesh.
I think he is handling it better than I am.
He is getting more support from his and my friends, than he is from his dad's side of the family.
But what can you expect from people that don't hug??? (eeewwwwww)

Should be good sleeping weather tonight, I only hope I can take advantage of it and actually sleep ! (low 50's!!!)

The Empress is having a Birthday today so if you want.. go to
The Introverted Exibitionist and wish her a Happy B'day!


Jovianne ~ 6:52 PM


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