Good Morning!
Monday, August 23, 2004

Another Identity Crisis?
Well obviously, I didn't sleep, and have been playing again with my template.
Not sure if I like the change or not.
Might just have to chuck the whole thing and start from scratch.
This all started when 2 very nice gentlemen told me how to 'adjust' my template.
I won't mention any names (coff coff).

Okay, so no sleep.
Makes for a long day coming up.
I am really glad that I do not have to go in to the office,
but can work at the homefront.
Means I can drink coffee at my desk all day and no one will know.

My mega-huge, man-eating, kitchen-window spider is back. . .
He has built another nest, and now sits, watching me as I do the dishes again.
Just sits and stares, (I think).
Not real sure where his eyes are and I Don't Want To KNOW!!!
Gives me the CREEPS!!!
He will die this time.
My son is going to take the fan out of the window today and totally demolish the nest and soak the windowsill with Spider-Kill stuff.
If that doesn't do it this time, I am moving.
I really can't stand spiders, or any crawly thing with multiple legs, that can climb walls, and hang from ceilings, to drop without notice onto unsuspecting humans (or cats).
Rates up there with Snakes.
Let's NOT go there!

Time for coffee!

Jovianne ~ 5:23 AM


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